Blitzd Web Hosting

Take your business to the cloud

Blitzd Web Hosting puts your website on a high availability, scalable, flexible, and fast network. To put it simply: We have what your website craves, and what your business needs in a website.

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What we do

We fully manage your web infrastructure so you don't have to worry about it!

Fast Page Loads

We scale up infrastructure on demand to guarantee a fast and reliable connection to your website.

High Availability

Our high availability network makes sure that your website is online almost 24/7


Our system administrators are reliable, and dependable. If you have a problem you can always come to us. :)

About our Services

What we can do for you

Wordpress Services

  1. Theme Conversion
  2. Theme Creation
  3. Website migration to Wordpress
  4. Wordpress SEO
  5. Wordpress setup

Web Services

  1. Website creation
  2. Website SEO

Other Services

  1. Media CDN